Hi, My name is Amanda. I am the owner and artist behind Indigo Art & Textiles.


I believe that art is medicine because it has helped me to improve my mental health.
I have had depression and anxiety since I was a teen. I have always been into art since I was a small child, but as a teen I thought it was just a hobby. As I grew into an adult, I became busy with work and life and tried my best to manage my mental health on my own.


Like many people with mental health issues, I tried different medications and eventually gave up trying to find something that worked for me. I quit my medication, stopped going to appointments and did the best that I could (I don’t recommend this route. It could be dangerous.)


Some days, I would be reduced to laying face down on the floor under a blanket until I could pick myself up. Life continued — marriage, first child, back to college, second child, work, finished college.


After my second child was born, postpartum struck and my depression was worse than ever. I decided that I needed to give mediation another try. I was better but still not anywhere near good.


Eventually, I was out shopping with my husband and I was looking at an art desk. I wanted to do something creative again. I was a working photographer but journalism wasn’t fully where I wanted to be. I felt guilty for wanting to buy something that expensive for myself. I had not bought paint, canvas, pencils or anything in years and I knew I didn’t “need” it.

My husband wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was insistent that I get it and art supplies. We got home and I painted my first painting in 12 years. It felt good. I admit it wasn’t a masterpiece, but I felt good. Whenever I was starting to feel anxious, my husband would kindly suggest I go “art” as he put it.


Over the course of the next year and a half, I realized that my depressive periods became less intense and farther apart. I came to the understanding that my health was better when I created. It didn’t matter what I was making as long as I could create. As an added bonus, I had a lot more beauty in my life.


I wanted to share this transformation with others, so I began my business Indigo Art & Textiles. I like that with clothing and jewelry, art becomes a part of the wearer’s life in a functional way. It can be beautiful, convey a story, contain cultural knowledge and evoke emotion.


As a tribal citizen, I use Mississippian/Mound Builder symbols and iconography in my art. These are images my ancestors have used for hundreds of years and before European contact. I mix symbols with modern colors and tribal identity to show that as Muscogee people. My tribal culture is living and evolving.